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Hello... Again!

Hello dear readers! It's been almost exactly a year since my last blog post! ... Whoops, again.

I have a bit of time to myself so I decided to write a bit! It is currently -37C and I am hiding away in my office while the baby has a nap. One of these days I need to head out to the outlet and pick out a nicer leather to get a couple headstalls done... I really can't wait to show them off! Not that I think my leather work is anything extraordinary, but the buckles and conchos are absolutely STUNNING! When I have downtime, I unfortunately find myself "doom scrolling." I suppose the good thing that comes from that is my ability to help my friends out with things they might be looking for or selling, and knowing the kind of breeding programs out there for when I am able to expand the broodmare band.

As for updates around here, Cherry is going in for a wellness check, and should she pass we are sending her to the breeders in June for a hopeful May 2025 foal.

As an aspiring breeder it's important to learn from all kinds of people and places, even the not so nice ones... I love the Quarter Horse, and I want to produce animals that others will love! My dream? I want to make someone their heart horse. I want them to experience what a true, soul binding relationship actually is. Maybe I live in a bit of a fantasy, but hey, can't blame me!

So unless I have a foal that I really can't be without, they all will go on to live fantastic, lovely lives and will always be welcome home if they just didn't end up with "their person".

I have a few other things lined up to keep me busy as well, I have enrolled in Equine Nutrition classes and I am absolutely loving it! Not sure I'm cut out to get my Bachelor's or PhD, but other than colour genetics, this is one major hyper-focused topic for me! I've already been blown away by the new things I'm learning, and I hope to see it help my herd in the near and far future!

As for the business end of things, super excited for the new year! Been looking into getting a brand, fixing up machinery for the next season... If we only have one cutting this year then I think we won't have hay for sale. But fingers crossed for two cuttings, and maybe planting a new field? We just have to see as we go.

Thanks for the tune in, and maybe I'll chat with you before next January? I suppose time will tell...

Much love, stay safe!


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