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Little Introduction.

Hi. Hello. Welcome!

I am the owner/operator/food lady at Benjamin Meadows. You'll see my name as Rebecca Krywko on social platforms/in business settings. But friends call me Becca!

I'm that girl, y'know the one in school who wrote about horses, talked about horses, dreamed about horses? Yeah. But since you're here, I can only guess that you might be that person too? Great! We're already off to a great start! I first became a horse owner in 2013, to a beautiful little red colt named "Ben." (Jaxs Little King was his registered name) I'll save all that for another post, but we sadly had to part ways in April of 2020 due to him stepping on a nail and getting osteomyelitis. That's where the Equine First Aid comes in. I knew if I could help even one person feel like they did everything they could to save their horse then it was the right path for me. I've taught a few courses to date and I super enjoy it! Although they've been a bit awkward, if anything can break me out of my shy, silent little shell, it's horses!

I guess a lush forest will grow from the ashes. That's why I chose the name Benjamin Meadows. To honour my one, true heart horse. There isn't exactly meadows here... But I guess "slew" and "forest" don't really have the same appeal. The newest loves here now are definitely the reason why I kept going with horses after the loss of such an important being in my life. Cherry, Eeyore and Bobbi (you can learn a bit more about the girls on the "Horses" page of the website) are always up to hanging out, teaching a class, or being a great shoulder to cry on. Eeyore is half owned by me, half owned by my cousin, Sam. He is a 2020 mini Donkey gelding. Being my first donkey, he is absolutely a character and much different from horses! I highly suggest people do their research before getting a donkey. But so far, he's been incredibly worth it.

I don't know what my upload schedule will look like, but I'm super glad to be able to share a little look into my life with you.

Much Love,


Jaxs Little King and I

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