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The Big Change...

If you've tuned in to the website recently you'll have seen it looks drastically different. That's because there's been a big change around here... I sold my mare, Cherry Red Lincoln. It definitely was not an easy choice, as I had grand plans for us going forwards. So, that means Benjamin Meadows no longer has any horses.

What does this look like as a business?

Well, obviously no foal crops... lol. I'm trying to keep the ball rolling in my leather shop, but it usually falls to the bottom of the list of "things to do." Still making hay and straw, we've been blessed in selling out every year!

These blogs are going to look a little different coming up, as we've decided to start a bit of a "homesteading" series. I've always dreamed of being a fully functioning farm, and so we're working on becoming a little more self sufficient.

I feel I should thank every person who has supported us from the beginning. We started out with huge equine aspirations, dreams and goals. But since having a difficult 2nd pregnancy, and some health issues on my end, it became obvious I wasn't in a state to continue juggling everything. So I began to pick and choose what I had the energy for, and now we're here!

This isn't good-bye to the equine part of our business, more like a "see you again" when I'm feeling a little less burnt out.

I hope you can stick around and maybe learn a thing or two with me but if this is where we part ways, dear reader... It's been a good run, I wish you well.

Much love,


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