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It has been a while...

Hey, hi, how are you? It's been a while... Whoops.

Life got busy here at Benjamin Meadows... I took a step back from my dreams as a Quarter Horse breeder and re homed Bobbi (the Doc O' Lena granddaughter) and then I happened to get pregnant myself! :3 This time was rough, I was sick into my third trimester. But Baby Boy made his way Earth side healthy and happy and we're all doing well and settling into our new normal. I've been soaking up everything baby, as my husband and I collectively agreed that two boys is just perfect for us. So not only did our first son start Pre-k this year, we had a baby and I also have two coming 3yo equines that need all my love and attention as well. Busy! But makes for good posts, so hopefully I can actually get writing again and have you along for the journey.

I wanted to check in and do a little update, I'm maybe a little more active on social media if you'd like to find us on Instagram and Facebook. I've been debating making a TikTok as well... But staying UTD on social media is hard enough. I guess we'll see.

Much love,


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